About us

Specializing in Managed Services and Cloud solutions, Noxent offers a full range of IT services tailored to your specific business needs.

Information and communication technologies are at the very heart of corporate productivity and cost-reduction strategies.  Noxent’s expertise in IT architecture, deployment, management and support technologies make it a trusted partner for clients and manufacturers.

Noxent in numbers…

  • 18 years of experience in IT operation
  • 60 employees dedicated to customer satisfaction
  • Over 4 900 servers, workstations, and networking equipment managed by our Network Operation Center (NOC)
  • 2 500 monthly tickets handled by our Desk
  • 92% of calls answered in less than 30 seconds
  • Over 500 projects managed and delivered by our consultants

Noxent history

  • 2018 : Noxent launches its DaaS (Device-As-A-Service)
  • 2018 : New Business Place in Québec
  • 2017:  Noxent launches its Skype for Business offer (complete unified communications)
  • January 2016:  Noxent  is certified Microsoft CSP-Tier 1 (O365, Azure)
  • December 2015:  Noxent launches its Cloud Telephony offer
  • September 2014:  Noxent launches its 24-7 cloud offer (IaaS, PaaS)
  • December 2010:  Acquisition of Teltech Service (IP Telephony)
  • March 2010:  Acquisition of Progilan
  • January 2010:  Integration of Expracom’s operation within Noxent
  • October 2007:  Victrix Solutions acquires Noxent
  • January 2004:  Foundation of Victrix
  • January 2000:  Groupe 3-SOFT launches Noxent
  • 1987:  Foundation of Groupe 3-SOFT

Our Management Team

JEAN JULIENPresident, General Manager
JEAN MATHIEUAdministrator
LYNNE SAMSONDirector, Finances and Human Ressources

RONY LAFLAMMEDirector, Operations and IT Services

ALAIN MELOCHEDirector, Structured Cabling

Word from the General Manager

mot-du-dgOver the years and throughout my career at Noxent (and Victrix), I have had the privilege to see the company evolve and find its place in the Quebec IT market.

Written more than half a century ago, Moore’s law stated that the number of transistors per circuit would double every year;  thereby causing an exponential growth in computing powers over the years.  Such a growth in IT development has created a real headache for companies struggling to say up-to-date.

Relying on its solid expertise, the Noxent team offers its clients to take on their IT management allowing them to focus on their business plan and strategies.

With its expertise, the Noxent team offers customers to take over their IT management allowing them to focus on their business plan and strategies.

Behind any technology there are people;  I guarantee that at Noxent, these people truly have our customers’ success at heart.  Driven by strong values such as:  integrity, expertise, customer service, collaboration and innovation – rest assured that we are fully committed for the entire duration of the projects you hand us.

Looking forward to discussing this further with you,

Jean Julien
General Manager


  • Integrity
  • Expertise
  • Collaboration
  • Innovation
  • Excellence


Enabling businesses to focus on their business and rely on high-performance, secure and cost-effective information technologies.


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