Cloud for SME has been reshaping organizations and business models over the last two decades. Business and IT executives are turning more of their attention to how they can use technology to accomplish their business objectives. 

The growth of infrastructure as a service (IaaS) increases the number of cloud solutions available in the public and private sectors. Many organizations take advantage of the simplicity and high-performance the cloud platforms guarantees.

Make the digital shift with Noxent’s cloud solutions for SME

Businesses want to simplify operations and make it easier for their customers to access services. To achieve it, they will move more aggressively toward integrating software as a service (SaaS), IaaS, and/or PaaS into their business processes.

Is your company taking full advantage of the growth offered by the Internet? How Cloud for SME can be a strategic and positive move for your organization? Get a comprehensive overview of Noxent’s overall Hybrid Cloud strategy. 

We offer a wide range of solutions such as businesses-oriented cloud services. We can offer private and public cloud infrastructure according to your needs. 

What are the benefits of the cloud for SME?

• Scalable infrastructure with automatic capacity management thanks to the cloud technology

• Simplified assets’ management (no need for licenses or OS) with easy user acess

• Easy to configure for users, hundreds of configurations, software programs and applications 

• Business Continuity: regional redundancy with high availability and fast restore

• Cost effectiveness: Pay only for what you use.

Discover our Cloud Solutions for SME

Microsoft 365 for Business

Access to Best-in-Class Productivity cloud based software for the Modern SME. Real-time, anytime, anywhere collaboration on one single platform with Microsoft 365 for all users.

Cloud Servers for SME(IaaS)

Put your applications to best-in-class cloud for SME servers with guaranteed performance and high availability. All the on-demand cloud computing services to power your need, ready to use and scale at will.

Online Backup

Protect and store your data with Noxent’s online backup service, your service provider in Canada. Your data remains available on the internet at any time, accessible through a simple and intuitive management interface.

Business benefits of our Cloud solution for SMEs

You have made the decision of migrating to the Cloud? You have some security concerns? 

Now is the time to select your Cloud for SME service provider! You will have to entrust it with your organization’s applications and data. Here’s why you can count on Noxent to access cloud computing:

Sustainability of our cloud solution

We are a Microsoft certified CSP Tier 1 provider, we have been in business for the last 20 years. Today, we are experts in the management and operation of IT infrastructures. We are therefore able to ensure the long-term stability and sustainability of your services.

Organization & governance

Noxent has a formal management structure. We adhere to IT operation’s best management practices (ITIL and MOF).

Trust of our customers

We have achieved over 5000 migrations for our customers, virtualization, IT optimization project and cloud storage for SME. 

The expertise of our IT consultants

Our IT consultants are highly certified, recognized for their project management Cloud skills and expertise in migration projects.

Quality of our IT services for businesses

Our cloud computing solutions come with a service level agreement that meet your business needs for software and device solutions.

Compliance and security level of our Cloud solutions for SMB

Our operational framework guarantees the traceability and security of the data for all our customers. Microsoft Azure solutions have several certifications: SOC, ISO, PCI and CSA. It is known has one of the best service providers for cloud solutions in the world.

Monitoring and Management

Our management tools allow you to monitor your cloud services 24/7/365 and ensure you have the best performance from your services.

Operational Continuity

Noxent Cloud solutions are packaged alongside our managed services. We deliver within the same operational framework to ensure high application availability and operational continuity.

Business Agility

Noxent makes it easy to deploy, manage, and upgrade applications in the cloud for our customers. Our deployments are fast, secure and transparent for your users. Thanks to the data centers, we can scale your server space at will according to your needs. 

Cloud Computing cost

Billing of your cloud services is adjusted monthly according to the actual consumption of your cloud resources.