Virtual Servers on Cloud

virtual servers on cloud

When considering any technology for your business, it’s always good to understand the available options. Virtual servers on cloud has enabled great cost savings for businesses looking to manage applications and store data in a remote, secure environment. 

Cloud infrastructure solutions generate significant savings. This applies to companies and public organizations looking to manage applications, develop new systems and store data in a secure environment.

What are the benefits of a virtual server on cloud?

Working with experts from Noxent to sort out which choices are best for your business can be key to making sure you can benefit:

  • Cost savings
  • Scalable solutions
  • Compliant and secure environment
  • End-to-end project management
  • Fully managed services for your Cloud environment


What is a cloud server? 

A cloud server is a powerful physical server or virtual infrastructure that runs applications and store information.

Noxent offers cloud infrastructure migration services by switching to a virtual machine. With solutions for disaster recovery, business continuity, co-location and complete hosting cloud services, Noxent covers the full range of cloud solutions. We can design your infrastructure to provide the most powerful servers in the public or private cloud, fully redundant, secure and scalable. So you benefit reduce costs on hardware.

The most powerful cloud server service

With cloud hosting services, you can now deploy any workload without having to worry about a drop in performance. Also, you save on physical infrastructure maintenance costs. We ensure that your cloud infrastructure is scalable to meet your current and future needs.

As a managed service provider, we ensure to provide you with continuous optimization, monitoring, governance, security, orchestration and technical support for your virtual server on cloud.

To prepare the configuration of your migration, you can consult our practical guide to migrating to Azure services

Azure Services by Noxent

Noxent is a one-stop shop for all your cloud computing needs, including: servers, databases, e-mail, applications, and collaboration tools. Azure solutions support all your business needs: 

  • Business applications 
  • Analysis 
  • Big data
  • Internet of things (loT) 
  • E-commerce
  • Digital marketing 
  • And mobility 

Noxent is your guide through the Azure ecosystem: we ensure that your cloud infrastructure is scalable with your current and future needs. We guarantee you operational continuity aligned with your business reality. As a partner, we are responsible for providing optimization, security, advanced monitoring, capacity management and technical support for your infrastructure.

Azure Cloud services offered by Noxent 

We offer ideal services for your business, such as: 

  • Deploying Office 365 services such as Exchange, Skype, and SharePoint Online
  • Mobile Device Management solution
  • Architecture and migrations planned in Azure
  • Disaster Recovery (DR) and High Availability (HA) architecture with Azure Site Recovery
  • Architecture, planning and implementation of the ExpressRoute link for high-speed connectivity to Azure 
  • Backup and archive of your system data with our Omni Backup Online Service
  • Office 365 data backup
  • Data center migrations
  • End-of-life plan for ViAndows Server 2003 and migration to Azure 
  • Rapid deployments
  • Development and test environments
  • Application migration

Advantages of Azure Cloud Services

Noxent brings a unique experience in the management of public server, private server and hybrid cloud environments, allowing you to customize the ideal solution for your organization:

  • Maximize the value of Microsoft Azure with managed services from our Noxent Operations Center
  • Monitoring and continuous optimization of the Azure environment
  • Manage data policies to meet your organization’s security and compliance requirements
  • Managing performance and alerts 
  • Troubleshooting 24/1/365 
  • Group multiple Azure and Office 365 accounts on a single invoice.

How to secure your data?

This is the main question for future Cloud users. The Cloud server solution for businesses may seem very elegant, but what about the security and confidentiality of data that will be stored outside? Noxent offers cybersecurity services to companies in Quebec. 

In fact, in terms of security, the Cloud is far superior to an ordinary corporate computer network. You should know that even banks and insurance companies are now beginning to open up to the Cloud for some of their applications.

The guarantees included in the cloud platforms

Our experts can perform a high-level evaluation of your business environment to provide you with a clear understanding and recommendations to leverage the cost savings and competitive advantages available in using the cloud. Cloud infrastructure solutions provide real savings on IT maintenance and operation costs, as well as business continuity benefits.

Cloud platforms guarantee the integrity, security and confidentiality of data thanks to redundant and delocalized storage. Moreover, thanks to the encryption of exchanges, they prevent intrusions from unauthorized persons.

Data protection depending on what virtual server on cloud you choose

The providers also guarantee high availability of data and protection against certain external attacks. Depending on the level of intervention, confidentiality and services you wish to manage yourself, it is possible to opt for different types of cloud:

  • the private cloud (dedicated virtual server cloud), which considers resources and services in an isolated and individual way
  • the public cloud (shared virtual server cloud), where servers and applications are shared
  • the hybrid cloud, which combines the advantages of the two previous solutions.

Operating system management

In addition, depending on the level of virtualization, the supplier can take charge of the complete management of the operating system and certain applications in addition to hardware management:

  • IaaS (infrastructure as a service): the provider gives access to one or more virtual servers on which the customer can install the operating system of his choice and his applications
  • PaaS (platform as a service): the operating system is under the responsibility of the provider, while the customer keeps the control and can add applications.
  • SaaS (software as a service): the applications are made available to the customer, who can use them with a Web browser or from a dedicated interface.

Optimize your virtual server on cloud adoption strategy

cloud serverThe cloud presents a fundamental shift in the way companies procure and use technology resources. In the past, they owned and were responsible for all levels of technology, from infrastructure to software. Now, cloud virtual servers offer the opportunity to change the way technology is used by provisioning and consuming the necessary resources.

A shift to the cloud will allow your company to move from capital expenditures for software and hardware to operating expenses for resource utilization.

Leverage the Noxent approach for your virtual server on cloud

While the cloud offers almost unlimited flexibility in terms of design choices, enterprises are looking for a proven and consistent methodology in adopting cloud technologies. Each company has its own goals and history of cloud adoption. As a result, it’s nearly impossible to offer a single approach that works for everyone.

Assistance from A to Z

At Noxent, our architects are here to analyze your business needs and technology challenges. They will guide you, step by step, to establish with you a controlled and successful migration to the Cloud:

  • Analysis of functional and technological needs
  • Architecture solutions adapted to your reality
  • Detailed planning of the migration
  • Turnkey execution of cloud migration

The flexibility and speed of evolution of the virtual server on cloud

Outsourcing all or part of the company’s IT to the Cloud enables resources to be adapted quickly to meet requirements without the need for intervention by the hosting company. As mentioned in the case of the hybrid cloud, it is possible to reserve a private cloud for critical and sensitive applications and a public cloud for other applications.

A hassle-free upgrade

The evolution is done in a few clicks and the availability of new resources is often almost instantaneous.

This relieves the company of the physical management of its IT assets and clean rooms and reduces the time needed to upgrade when necessary.

The right price for Cloud needs is a significant source of savings for companies.

A cost-effective solution

This will allow your company to reduce their IT and software investments and move away from infrastructure management to scalable packages that are often much lower in cost.

Consolidating servers in a single dedicated data center allows providers to achieve significant economies of scale. In any case, you save time and money!