What is dark web monitoring?

dark web monitoring

Most people know the dark web by reputation, but few see it as a threat. However, the dark web is much more than a place where drugs and firearms are sold. It’s a serious threat for any business owner who wants to protect their data and that of their customers.

We’re hearing more and more about “data breaches.” Even though the dark web can’t affect your business in a direct way, such as with phishing or ransomware attempts, it can cause irreparable damage to your reputation.

Picture this: your data and that of your customers for sale on the web. Information such as your databases, credit cards, financial transactions, emails, employee and user IDs, and other trade secrets are at the fingertips of thieves and dealers on the dark web. This is why dark web cybersecurity should be included in your managed security plan for business.

Noxent is a company specializing in managed services. We understand the challenges of data protection and offer solutions tailored to the reality of modern businesses. Now, find out how we can help you protect yourself from the theft and resale of your confidential information on the dark web.

Dark web cybersecurity: an effective alert service

Thanks to the dark web monitoring system offered by Noxent, you will be alerted as soon as your information is found on the dark web. We continuously analyze the dark web in order to ensure the constant and effective protection of your data. That way, you can respond quickly to counter any attack against your company or your customers.

In the event of an alert, you can also receive sound advice from our cybersecurity experts. They will lay out your options for you, as well as the best measures to resolve the situation quickly and effectively. You will thereby avoid the serious consequences related to confidential information leaks, for both you and your customers.

Why trust the experts at Noxent with your dark web cybersecurity?

Our experts have many years of experience in cybersecurity for companies. We’ve mastered the art of computer surveillance, and we can help you protect your data and that of your customers from the dark web. By doing business with our specialists, you provide your business and your customers with proactive and effective cybersecurity.

In addition to our dark web monitoring service, we also offer many options aimed at enhancing your cybersecurity. Take advantage of comprehensive IT security service by calling on our experts and benefit from solutions such as:

  • Cloud computing solutions for businesses;
  • IT outsourcing;
  • Data encryption, firewalls, and proxy servers;
  • 24/7 IT support, 365 days a year.

You can trust our cybersecurity experts to ensure the protection of your confidential data.

If you have any questions about dark web monitoring, or for more information about the managed services offered by Noxent, contact us. An experienced member of our team will be pleased to take your call.

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