Our online backup service for companies

Are you looking for an efficient and performing online backup service for companies? Nowadays, the cybercrime market has become more complicated and operates a large network. The attacks are increasingly performing and successful. In fact, cybercrime as a whole has increased by 600% since the beginning of the global pandemic.

Given the high risk of attack, many SMEs benefit from external services to ensure the online security of the company. To better protect your company against cyber criminality, Noxent offers you its online backup services for companies!

What is cybercrime?

A cybercrime is a criminal act which aims to affect the online networks and computer systems of a company. These attacks are perpetuated by what we call online pirates and attempt to steal money, data or damage the computer systems of a company.

What are the different types of possible attacks?

Did you know that 52% of attacks are internal? Moreover, many infractions are the result of techniques as simple as login and password reminders.

According to the business sector, a cyberattack can have different motivations. According to Statistics Canada, the major part of attacks aims to:

  • Ask money and ransoms (first source of cybersecurity attacks)
  • Access unauthorized areas 
  • Steal personal or financial information (less than a quarter of cyberattacks)
  • Make the networks unavailable for a certain period of time

If your company’s online security is not efficient enough, it can be easy to enter your networks to access your data! Investing in a reliable security system thus allows you to protect your company efficiently against all types of attack, or to be able to react as needed.

Protect your company thanks to cybersecurity 

Different methods allow you to protect your company against cybercrimes.

First of all, it is important to equip your operating system with powerful protection software and to regularly update all your networks. Constantly saving your online information is also key in protecting against data loss. Build a checklist and remember to protect your mobile devices as well!

An expert in cybersecurity will be the best resource in protecting your computer systems and educate you on the topic. Many SMEs benefit from external services to ensure the online security of their company. According to Statcan, cybersecurity investments for companies are mainly motivated by:

  • Protection of personal information (68%)
  • Fraud and theft prevention  (41%) and finally,
  • Prevention against the interruption of computer systems (31%).

The Noxent team will help you ensure the online security of your company

As you have seen, whether internal or external, no one is safe from cyber attacks! In case of a security breach, your sensitive information and your networks can be at risk. It is thus essential to put some efficient security measures into place to protect your data and online networks.

At Noxent, we have the experts you need to answer effectively to your security needs. Thanks to our expertise, you will benefit from a complete protection of your networks with a service available at all times.

Our approach to online backup for companies is the following:


We ensure your security at all levels, from the periphery to the heart of the network. Our online security services for companies plan to:

  • Protect your network and your critical applications with new generation firewalls,
  • Secure your network against web attacks by using the detection and intrusion prevention system,
  • Activate Web filtering, 
  • Set up an application control,
  • Adopt SDN solutions.


By analyzing malicious behaviour, thanks to monitoring technologies, offer your company an optimal online security system with our solutions for:

  • Advanced network monitoring,
  • Strict management of security rules and access policies,
  • Port scanning, 
  • Intrusion tests (external and internal),
  • Vulnerability analysis, 
  • Vigilance on products and security patches.


Reduce response times to attacks. Our teams are available to help you at all time in the event of an attack. We offer the following services:

  • Incident management according to the contractual levels of service
  • Technical assistance 24/7/365,
  • Escalation to security experts,
  • Security policy management, 
  • Event slots management,
  • Cybersurveillance of threats and risks by security experts


Enjoy our online security services for companies in all the IT sectors you cover:

Periphery protection

  • Antivirus solutions,
  • Anti-spammer service,
  • Frequent scanning of workstations,
  • Sandbox.

Network protection

  • “Next generation” firewall,
  • Intrusion prevention,
  • Intrusion detection,
  • Intrusion tests (external, internal),
  • Port scanning.

Access protection

  • Network segmentation,
  • Application control,
  • Web filtering,
  • Event slots management.

Reliable and competitive services for your data and network security

You now know more about cybersecurity and the importance of acquiring powerful software to protect your data. For further information about our solutions and our services for IT companies, visit our different sections on the topic or do not hesitate to contact us! A member of our team will be pleased to inform you.

Business advantages 

  • Reliable and continuous protection
  • Data localization in Canada
  • Secured transfer with encrypted data
  • Daily check of backup integrity
  • Bilingual technical support, available 24/7
  • Retention period of the Customer’s choice
  • Quick and easy restoration on any virtual platform
  • Backup report through email
  • Simplified invoicing, on a per-use basis



Data stored in Microsoft Azure. Transfer and storage fully encrypted.



Data hosting in the Eastern regions of Canada. Regional redundancy with Center Canada.



Bilingual technical support, 24/7 available by phone or email



Easy and fast restoration of your data and your virtual machines on all virtual platforms.