Given the many controls carried out by the system, certain senders may not be able to send you e-mail. This generally happens in cases where the sender’s server is not properly configured and therefore poses a security risk. The following are some of the common reasons for this type of situation :

  • The client’s DNS is not properly configured at the reverse-lookup level.
  • The sender’s domain or server is on a real-time blacklist.
  • There is a message transmission error (protocol errors, malformed commands, etc.).
  • There is a virus detected in the message.

In all the above cases, the sender usually receives a message explaining the reasons for the rejection and asking him/her to contact his/her system administrator to rectify the situation.

If a trusted sender informs you that he/she is unable to send you an e-mail, report the incident to our technical support center/help desk (have the sender’s e-mail address and contact information on hand). Our technicians will inform the sender of the measures to take to correct the situation and may add a special rule in the system for the sender while the corrections are being made.

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