In today’s business reality, Information Technology is an integral part of your business and the way you use IT can have a significant impact on your success. 
Noxent added-value is all about providing the right IT services, tools and support to help clients thrive in a competitive marketplace. So, we are dedicated to provide business-enhancing services that improve performance, productivity and business continuity.
We offer a wide range of IT solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. With more than 20 years experience in IT, Noxent has become a trusted advisor for all your IT needs. Our team of experts works in collaboration with you to implement innovative, efficient and secure IT solutions.
At Noxent, we know IT can be source of productivity and cost savings. More than ever, IT must be part of your strategic planification.  
Our Project Office supports companies and public organizations in the implementation of high-performance and secure solutions tailored to your business needs, enabling you to make your IT a strategic asset for your growth.
  • A true partner who works confidently on your business needs
  • A proven project management delivered by senior project manager
  • Costs and delivery times control
  • IT Strategic Plan to align your IT on your business needs

Take advantage of Noxent’s expertise and capacity:


From design to deployment, our team is specialized in virtualisation, data protection, migration, infrastructure optimization and disaster recovery. We take pride in developing lasting relationships with clients to be sure all your technical business needs are met. 

Our approach includes IT healthcheck, diagnostics and recommandations to properly align your IT with your business needs.


Cloud computing and IoT  have changed the telecommunications landscape and needs.

Our experts design and deploy high performance, highly available and secure networks, based on wireless and/or  wired solutions.

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Businesses are facing increasing complexity and multiple security attacks. Does security seem to be a never-ending problem for your IT/security team ?

From strategic advisory consulting, incident response, design and deploy services to managed security services, Noxent can help secure your networks more effectively.

From IT strategic planification to technical support, our experts sit down with you to discuss your goals and objectives. They are committed to align those needs with your technology requirements while ensuring you stay on track and within defined budget. We design, deploy and support efficient and cost-effective IT solutions in the following expertises:

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Data Storage

Data Protection

Infrastructure Upgrade

Business Continuity

Disaster Recovery


Local Area Networks (LAN)

Secure Networks

Worldwide networks (WAN)

Wifi Solutions

Data transfert



Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)

Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)

Application Controls

Antivirus, antispam,

Web Filtering

Managed Security

Partners and certifications

Network and Security