In the workplace, background noise can disturb employees and affect productivity and confidentiality. A sound masking system can remedy these problems by emitting a soft, non-disruptive masking sound.

Why use a sound masking system?

In workspaces, the level of background noise must be adequate. If it is too low, it reduces the confidentiality of conversations.

In fact, the sound of unwanted conversations can be heard from 10 meters away. Even noises such as the slamming of a door can be heard by your employees. The simple sound of a falling pencil therefore becomes a source of distraction.

Conversely, background noise that is too high also becomes a source of distraction and prevents the employees from doing their work properly. It also affects conversations, because employees need to speak louder to be heard. In both cases, it affects the productivity of your employees.

How does a sound masking system work?

A sound masking system is a solution to the problem of ambient noise in office spaces. This device emits a neutral and non-disruptive masking sound to allow your employees to focus on their work. It thereby makes it possible to reduce distractions and improve the confidentiality of conversations.

To be optimal, a sound masking system must be able to adjust to changes. Thanks to its adjustable system, our device can capture data on the amount of ambient noise and adjust the sound masking level up or down according to the intensity of the noise. This helps maintain acoustic comfort in your office spaces.

What are the advantages of a sound masking system?

A sound masking system offers many advantages for businesses. Among other things, it helps improve the productivity of the employees and increase the confidentiality of conversations.

Increased productivity

According to a study from Asid Sound Solutions, over 80% of workers believe that they would be more productive if there was a sound masking system in their working environment. With a sound masking system, the conversations of work colleagues are less audible. It, therefore, allows your employees to focus better and be less disturbed by noise distractions. Since it usually takes 10 to 15 minutes for your employees to find an optimal state of concentration, their productivity will greatly increase.

Improved confidentiality of conversations

In workspaces, sound spreads more easily if there are no walls or doors to block its transmission. It can also go through the suspended ceiling and be heard by neighboring colleagues. A sound masking system makes it possible to remedy this problem.

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