Do you want to improve your productivity, reduce your costs, and facilitate the collaboration of your employees? In the current context where more and more employees will be called upon to work remotely, collaboration and communication tools are becoming essential. Unified communications systems let you integrate all the company’s communications (instant messaging, IP telephony, videoconferencing, etc.).

Our unified communications services

Noxent specializes in different unified communications solutions that help businesses increase their profitability. Here are the different services that we offer.

IP telephony

IP telephony (also known as “voice over IP”) lets you make calls via an internet connection rather than a landline. The voice is transmitted either by a structured cabling network, a satellite, or WiFi. It helps increase internet speeds and greatly reduces the cost of using office telephones.

Sound masking

Excessively loud background noise disturbs employees and affects productivity. Overly quiet background noise is also disruptive because the confidentiality of conversations is reduced. Noises such as a pencil falling on the floor or a door slamming can become even more disruptive when these noises are masked by general background noise.

Fortunately, it’s possible to correct overly loud or overly quiet background noise with sound masking. This is produced by speakers that emit a soft, neutral, ambient sound to camouflage the ambient background noise. Concentration and productivity increase and frustrations decrease.

Structured cable system

Structured cable system is a set of methods that allow a physical interconnection to be made between a company’s premises, a data centre, or a larger area. It is used to transmit digital data between 2 devices.

There are 3 types of structured cabling: fibre optics, twisted pair (or copper cabling), and wireless (WiFi).

Audiovisual system installation

More and more conference rooms are becoming meeting rooms for people who are working remotely. Also known as “huddle rooms,” these rooms require audiovisual installations that offer the possibility of communicating with one or more speakers who are working remotely. Presentations, training, and other content can be followed on site or elsewhere by multiple people thanks to audiovisual equipment. Noxent offers a full range of products that simplify remote communications.

For your unified communications, trust Noxent

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